Togolese Republic Country Code Area Code City Code Dialing Code Calling Code
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Togolese Republic Country Code Dialing Code Area Code City Code Calling Code

The international country codes, City Code, Area Code or Dialing Code listed on this table are provided "as it is". We DO NOT guarantee all information on this table are correct and updated. We use randomly generated hidden text to prevent illegal copy. Please discard the hidden text when you refer this table.

Code Subcode Description
228117616067XSFEmergency and special services Police rescue
228118616067XSFEmergency and special services Fire brigade
228170542783XSFEmergency and special services Police rescue
22818042706XSFEmergency and special services Fire brigade
22818542706XSFEmergency and special services Emergency medical services (SAMU)
22822151676Fix LineLomé municipality Lomé centre
22822251676Fix LineLomé municipality Lomé centre
22822351676Fix LineLomé municipality PABX DDI
22822551676Fix LineLomé municipality Cacavelli
22822651676Fix LineLomé municipality Hédzranawoé
22822751676Fix LineLomé municipality Port
22832374101Fix LineMaritime region Regional DDI number
22833026344Fix LineMaritime region Tsévié and cantons
22833126344Fix LineMaritime region Aného and cantons
22833326344Fix LineMaritime region Vogan and cantons
22833426344Fix LineMaritime region Tabligbo and cantons and Kouvo
22833526344Fix LineMaritime region Agbodrafo and Afagnan
22833726344Fix LineMaritime region Kavé and cantons
2284230Fix LinePlateaux region Regional DDI number
2284401012Fix LinePlateaux region Atakpamé and cantons
2284411012Fix LinePlateaux region Kpalimé and cantons
2284421012Fix LinePlateaux region Notsé and cantons
2284431012Fix LinePlateaux region Badou and cantons
2284441012Fix LinePlateaux region Elavagnon Anié and cantons
2284461012Fix LinePlateaux region Amlamé Ounabé and cantons
2284471012Fix LinePlateaux region Agou and cantons
2284481012Fix LinePlateaux region Adéta Danyi Govié and cantons
22852318952Fix LineCentral region Regional DDI number
228550605433Fix LineCentral region Sokodé and cantons
228551605433Fix LineCentral region Tchamba and cantons
228552605433Fix LineCentral region Sotouboua and cantons
228553605433Fix LineCentral region Blitta and cantons
22862341377Fix LineKara region Regional DDI number
22866050354Fix LineKara region Kara and cantons
22866350354Fix LineKara region Bassar and cantons
22866450354Fix LineKara region Pagouda and cantons
22866550354Fix LineKara region Niamtougou and cantons
22866650354Fix LineKara region Bafilo and cantons
22866750354Fix LineKara region Kant? and cantons
22866850354Fix LineKara region Pya and cantons
228723446614Fix LineSavannah region Regional DDI number
22877025015Fix LineSavannah region Dapaong and cantons
22877125015Fix LineSavannah region Mango and cantons
22877425015Fix LineSavannah region Mandouri and cantons
22877525015Fix LineSavannah region Tandjoaré and cantons
22877625015Fix LineSavannah region Sinkassé and cantons
22882603596XFPFreephone and other services Gulf administrative services
2288338470XFPFreephone and other services Maritime region administrative services
22884272142XFPFreephone and other services Plateaux region administrative services
2288542955XFPFreephone and other services Central region administrative services
22886761591XFPFreephone and other services Kara region administrative services
2288747440XFPFreephone and other services Savannah region administrative services
2289014168MobileMobile Togocel
2289024168MobileMobile Togocel
2289034168MobileMobile Togocel
2289044168MobileMobile Togocel
2289054168MobileMobile Togocel
22894613138MobileMobile Telecel
22894713138MobileMobile Telecel
22894813138MobileMobile Telecel
22894913138MobileMobile Telecel


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