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This page is designed for certain phone cards only. Some phone cards do not support pinless function.

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Question: When I purchased the card, the rate was advertised as 2.0¡é/minute, but now the rate is 2.2¡é/minute in the following records, why?
Answer: The rate showed in the table below is always calculated by the phone card's face value $20.00. If you got discount when you ordered the phone card, the rate you saw is calculated based on the price you actually paid. As you can see the table below, your account is always recharged as $20.00 or as its times, no matter how much you actually paid. often provides discount coupons that reduce the cost of our cards. So don't be confused about the rates when you purchase a $20.00 card for less than its face value. Your personal account does not show the lower rates. The cost per minute is determined by the face value of the card. But when we give you get a discount, we do the math, then advertise the discounted rates so you can see the very low prices you are actually paying per minute. It's just another great service from eCallChina. Remember, you always pay the advertised rate and you never pay any hidden charges or fees. We think that should make you happy!

Question: I recharged $40 and I should get 2060 minutes, but the system told me I only have 2040 minutes. Why?
Answer: If your card's remaining minutes are more than 24 hours, our system will only report the even hour minutes and ingore the residual minutes. In this situation, you may find your card still have the same minutes as before after a short call.

Get Records in the past  days(1-99)  
The Call Detail Records (CDR) are only available for Rechargeable Pinless Speed Dial phone card. If you do not order this card, you cannot check CDR here.
Download Calling History in a PDF file (the latest 108 days)
* Be careful when printing from public computer *
*To read PDF file you need Acrobat Reader. Click here to download if your computer doesn't have it.

We provide you with real-time call detail records (CDR). With real-time online account administration, your easy-to-read call history and account balance are updated almost instantaneously and are always just a mouse-click away. You can also print out your CDR or download them as PDF files.

Although the CDR is real-time updated, our system may take up to 5 minutes to reflect your latest call activity.

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