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This page is designed for certain phone cards only. Some phone cards do not support pinless function.

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Set Speed Dial Numbers (the numbers you call to):

example: key 1, phone#: 011861068889999 (no dash, no space)

Key: Call-to Phone#:

You can save 10 phone numbers in your speed dial book which can be configured by logging into "My Account."  The speed dial keys go from 1 to 10.  When you place a call, our system prompts you to "enter the phone number you wish to reach." You will then just press the appropriate speed dial key followed by the pound sign (#) and will be connected.  For example, you can set your parents' phone number as speed dial key 1 and your friend's number as key 2. After dialing the access number from your phone, you will press 1 then # to reach your parents, or press 2# to reach your friend. Nothing could be easier! If you set a speed dial for our access number on your phone machine, you only need press three keys to complete a dial--as easy as "1-1#"! That's it!

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